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Saurabh is a seasoned Technical/Solution Architect with strong business acumen. He has 15+ years of extensive hands on IT and consulting experience. He is self motivated individual who is highly specialized in technologies including IBM Cúram, JAVA, J2EE, PHP, SOA, Web services, Open Source/Enterprise Frameworks and related web technologies. He has great track record of handling and delivering large scale enterprise projects and client engagements independently. He has sound exposure to various business verticals like: US Healthcare/ Financial & Wealth Management/ Government/ Aerospace/ Automotive/ Banking / Education sectors.
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Database Management

Database management faces many challenges, which are increasingly on the rise with the proliferation of data coming from so many different sources today. Smart phones, new applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT) all contribute to the deluge of data that needs to be managed, ideally in a single database. Incoming data may be either [...]

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BI & Data Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) that is derived from relevant Data Analytics is crucial these days to all organizations – whether public or private, large, mid-size or small. Yet challenges such as successful data integration, volume of data, and availability of the right skill sets can hinder an organization’s ability to gain access to the critical business [...]

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Optimize Your Infrastructure, Optimize Your Organization

To optimize your organization’s ability to conduct business efficiently, your infrastructure has to meet the needs of every single user that depends on it.  Here is a summary of the key success factors: 1- Take advantage of automated processes by understanding your application delivery infrastructure from end to end. With visibility across your infrastructure (from [...]

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