The “three Vs” of big data: volume, velocity and variety, can be overwhelming to organizations struggling with what to do with it, and how to best analyze it. The amount of data that is created and stored globally on a daily basis is incomprehensible, and it just keeps growing. Big data offers big potential for firms that can capture it in useful ways and analyze it to glean insights that can grow their business.

eSystems can provide the following big data services:

  • We will help develop a big data strategy that’s customized for your business
  • Access to big data strategists and expertise including Cloudera Data Scientists, EMC Data Scientists, MCSE: Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence, SAS Certified Predictive Modelers, SAS Certified Statistical Business Analysts
  • Big data engineers with experience and certifications in Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL databases, SAS, Cognos, SPSS, SAP Hana, Terradata, Cloudera, and Oracle BI
  • We can provide useful analytics, including predictive analytics and user behavior analytics
  • The analysis we uncover will help to spot business trends, consumer behavior, prevent diseases, deter criminal behavior, and support business decision-making