The Challenge:

Statistics show that about 5 children die every day in this country from abuse and neglect*. As anyone would agree, that’s 5 children too many. The Child Welfare System is probably one of the most closely scrutinized social service areas since the stakes are so high, and one bad outcome can have extreme impacts, not only on people’s lives, but also for the state agency. State case worker turnover and backlogs are at all-time highs. Something needs to change.


Our Solution:

States now have the option to adopt a modular approach to build more effective, less expensive connected IT systems, with the CCWIS (Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System) regulations introduced in 2015. This means that solutions can be deployed faster, allowing state workers to focus on reducing their case backlog with more effective case management, and so more quickly improve the lives of the children who depend on them. eSystems has expertise in requirements, best practices, application design, development and implementation of the newest in Child Welfare technology solutions.

Why eSystems?

  • We start at the program level to help bring in best practices in Child Welfare, and work with your business and technical teams to develop the right solution
  • We put the needed tools right into the hands of case workers, so they can improve outcomes with more effective use of technology
  • Our Child Welfare solution offers seamless integration with other systems, so you can bring in medical records and other necessary information
  • eSystems follows Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and CCWIS regulations, along with other Federal mandates, to maximize Federal match
  • We ensure timely and accurate AFCARS (Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System) reporting
  • Utilizing the latest technologies – mobile, social media, data analytics, cloud-based processing – we help improve case worker productivity, enable program analysis and lower costs.
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