There are times when a commercial software package is the best solution for your business needs, but isn’t an exact fit for your environment. This is when custom development is your most sensible option. Our experienced software developers can take any software package and customize it according to your entity’s needs.

eSystems has extensive experience in customizing software or frameworks such as Cúram, ClientTrack, etc.  We have built our methodologies to ensure the highest of standards in delivery, consistent with ISO9000 and ITIL standards.  Our engineers are certified in many of the different technologies, and our Project / Program Managers meet the rigorous standards of PMBOK to make certain that projects are completed utilizing the PMP best practices.

This will ensure that:

  • The software is tailor-made by developers to your specifications, to best serve your business’ needs
  • The software is scalable, so the program can continue to be maintained as your organization and needs grow in size
  • Your system is less vulnerable to hackers and outside threats (it takes much more effort to learn how to breach a custom-developed solution)
  • It will operate with the other solutions your organization already uses
  • You will save on hardware acquisition costs