The Challenge:

One of the primary challenges that the Department of Health faces every day is keeping track of all the various license registrations and license renewals that are required for various entities. In any given state, there are anywhere from 50 – 100 programs requiring licensing, yet many state departments are still keeping track of these manually! Manual processing allows for a huge margin of error, as well as a significant oversight workload, as this approach does not allow for adequate oversight and contract management.

Another major challenge lies in managing claims to minimize costs, and drawing in data from various sources (physicians, hospitals, labs, pharmacies) to get the complete picture to facilitate Population Health and provide better health outcomes. These high volumes of data need to be reliably integrated, yet be nimble enough to keep up with the constant program changes faced by a DOH.

Our Solution:

eSystems can provide automation of the various processes that a DOH is tasked with every day, including licensing and renewals. eSystems also has the expertise to build custom modular solutions to maximize state and federal ROI.

Why eSystems?

  • eSystems’ integrated solutions provide more accurate enrollments and improved outcomes in Population Health through the effective use of technology
  • We offer flexible tools and solutions that recognize the constant program changes required by the DOH, and aid in health analytics