Incident & Accident Reporting Solution

Within a certain time limit that can vary from state to state, Medicaid providers must submit reports of any incidents or accidents which occur in their facilities.  Once submitted, these reports must be reviewed and acted upon quickly by the state Medicaid agency.

Currently in many states, it’s a manual process of scanning, faxing, reviewing and investigating reports.  Reports are often late, which creates problems for the agency, including compliance issues and potentially dire consequences for the affected citizen.

eSystems has developed a new solution which automates the processing of Incident and Accident reports, using Salesforce as the platform.

  • Automates and streamlines the processing of Incident and Accident reporting, on the Salesforce platform
  • Providers can log in and report an incident or accident wherever they are: from a laptop, mobile phone or tablet device
  • Supervisors can log in for quick updates on how many outstanding I&A cases there are:
    • see who is working each case, assign or re-assign cases as needed, and
    • send communications to their team
  • Agency workers can initiate an investigation and create Detailed Investigation Reports
  • Reports can be quickly downloaded for CMS compliance
  • All of the information is available for fast, easy access
  • All data and analytics can be easily viewed right from the home page dashboard