The Challenge:

Social Services agencies are facing greater numbers of cases and demands every year, while resources are not being increased to meet the need. Social workers are under growing pressure to achieve more with less, and the situation shows no signs of improving in the near term.

Our Solution:

eSystems Inc. is a global IT services provider with extensive Public Sector domain expertise. We offer technology solutions to meet the challenge by providing a broad range of Health & Human Services applications. Our comprehensive life cycle support includes project management, custom development, systems integration, quality assurance, training, and documentation. Our strategic alliances with technology leaders such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle help to ensure that our solutions are dependable and on the cusp of industry trends.

Why eSystems?

  • eSystems brings solid expertise as a systems integrator in automating Medicaid, Integrated Eligibility Eligibility/Benefits Management, SNAP, TANF, and other HHS medical and assistance programs
  • We have a strong focus on improving outcomes by applying proven technologies, with years of experience in Medicaid Systems Integration and Medicaid Eligibility
  • We provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in software development, implementation and Maintenance & Operations (M&O) of software environments
  • We can work with all HHS programs, from Medicaid to Child Welfare to Public/Social Assistance, improving Social Services case management and business processes for better outcomes.
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