To optimize your organization’s ability to conduct business efficiently, your infrastructure has to meet the needs of every single user that depends on it. The knowledgeable technology experts at eSystems design and deploy solid, functional infrastructures to solve the workflow, storage, or security problems your organization may be facing.

  • During the infrastructure design phase, the base software system is received, loaded, and initially configured, as well as establishment of a sandbox environment, testing, EDI, and conversion setups as required
  • We have highly skilled technologists and infrastructure development resources dedicated to helping project teams plan, acquire, receive, and then make operational all the technology needed for the project
  • The business infrastructure is designed to provide support for many of the common processes found throughout the enterprise including security, workflow, and integration tools
  • Our business infrastructure tools include a rules infrastructure, workflow, search, calendaring/scheduling, and correspondence management
  • Technical infrastructure services include adapters, EAI connectors, web services, security management, auditing, and multi-channel access