To optimize your organization’s ability to conduct business efficiently, your infrastructure has to meet the needs of every single user that depends on it.  Here is a summary of the key success factors:
1- Take advantage of automated processes by understanding your application delivery infrastructure from end to end.
With visibility across your infrastructure (from storage to servers to networks), it is possible to monitor the
overall performance of applications and services. With real-time and automated capabilities, IT organizations can
realize the value of their aDDtication and infrastructure investments faster.
2- Adopt and deploy new technologies and trends.
It is crucial that your IT organizations stay continuously updated (through leading publications and the web) to the last technology trends
that are helping to improve the quality of IT infrastructures, such as the last technology about cloud, big data and mobile. With this new
technology transformation it is crucial that organizations take advantage of trends like cloud and big data in order to optimize their service
3- Improve server and management platforms to boost the entire company.
Improved uptime, performance and workload management need not end with critical enterprise applications and IT services. All IT services
are critical in their own way and “Best-in-Class” IT shops can ensure that their IT hardware brings benefits across the company.
4- Make IT a full business partner with an IT service-centric approach.
Imitate the leading organizations that give IT a seat at the management table by converging systems and breaking down the walls between
operations, networking, development and the business side. With added focus on performance, reliability and efficiency, leaders gain optimized
IT infrastructures that meet end-user needs and boost productivity.
5 – Update your IT infrastructure.
Today more than in the past no one IT infrastructure can succeed by relying on old and out-of-date hardware.
By taking advantage of the best of modern hardware and management platforms you must optimize your entire business for success.
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