The Challenge:

One of the biggest challenges in the pharmaceutical industry is in finding the most effective way to harness all the “Big Data” that needs to be gathered and disseminated in ways that are useful to healthcare providers and scientists. The pharmaceutical industry also faces additional challenges: tighter, more stringent government regulations make getting new medicines to market progressively harder. Increasing pressure from payers and intensified price competition further complicates this highly competitive landscape.

Our Solution:

When data is utilized effectively, there is better coordination of care, more effective medicines can be developed, and patient risk and costs are minimized.

Why eSystems?

eSystems can help in this area by providing:

  • Gathering and dissemination of Big Data for BI and reporting to assist in care coordination
  • Easier access to consolidated data from various sources, including the Government, to help with drug approvals and speed medicines to market
  • Minimizing of patient risk through integration of disparate information systems
  • Reduced “Total Cost of Ownership” by streamlining your maintenance & operations process