The Challenge:

During this time of unequaled structural change in the banking industry, banks and credit unions are faced with increasing challenges, including heavier post-crisis regulations and a more demanding consumer. Complying with all the complex new regulations, particularly in the U.S. where government has been especially engaged, continues to require significant operational adjustments and financial commitments.

The numerous mergers and acquisitions in this industry call for successful integration of IT systems and procedures, in order to operate effectively and achieve customer satisfaction. In addition, consumers bring their own set of challenges, with an ever-increasing demand for highly functional, yet highly secure mobile banking apps.

Our Solution:

eSystems can provide the design and functionality expertise necessary to achieve defined business goals brought on by various structural banking changes. We can remove the barriers around legacy systems, and bring together disparate systems resulting from mergers and acquisitions.

To ensure your compliance, the eSystems team will leverage our understanding and experience of applicable Federal and State regulatory policies, standards, guidelines, and extensive expertise providing integration and security services for more than 17 years. In addition, we will help you to develop a mobile strategy, with a skilled staff who can integrate needed mobile applications and provide support for mobile technologies.

Why eSystems?

  • eSystems can seamlessly integrate the various systems from mergers and acquisitions, combining IT functionality and facilitating conversions of accounts
  • We readily integrate with all third-party software within your bank, creating one unified system, automating workflows, and providing one data set
  • eSystems can handle all of the functional processes behind Savings & Loan, and Deposit Portfolios (including demand deposits, commercial loans, etc.), taking into account applicable federal and state policies, procedures, and standards
  • We can perform security assessments on mobile applications for Android and iOS, and provide Mobile Workforce Management
  • eSystems anticipates new trends in technology and is consistently proactive in introducing relevant new technologies to our clients.
  • For more information on our technical capabilities, please see “Company>Our People>Technical Expertise”