Why do you need Systems Integration?

Combining data from many different sources into one system or application makes life easier for everyone. Particularly in industries that touch people on a daily basis, it is critical to have information systems that are fully connected. In our data-hungry world, technology projects will just keep getting larger and more ambitious. Wherever there’s the need to improve services, migrate systems to the cloud, strengthen security or utilize advanced analytics, projects will increase in complexity.

How We Can Help

As IT projects lean increasingly toward the incremental, modular and agile, the role of the systems integrator will evolve but remain critical when tackling major system modernizations. Whether the SI role evolves into a data integrator with data governance and facilitation responsibilities, or is more of an adviser and consultant, eSystems has the expertise to get you there.  We can take the lead in helping you to mitigate project risk; while managing quality control and improvement; project definition, and planning and deployment. eSystems uses enterprise architecture, agile-based methodologies, application centricity and industry-standard tools and technologies to build business-aligned, optimized, performance-enhanced IT environments for our customers.

eSystems’ integration services include application and enterprise systems integration, and feature:

  • Enterprise Application Integration Assessment and Strategy
  • Hybrid Integrated Applications (Desktop, Web and Mobility)
  • Integrating ERP systems with IBM Cúram
  • Integrating back-end systems
  • Integration of client-facing portals with back-end systems
  • ERP Integration services
  • Platform Integration

We differentiate from our competitors because we provide:

  • Vendor / Technology Neutrality
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Strategic Alliances with Major Technology Partners